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Healing Portraits

Portraiture is an art form often reserved for photographers and realists, but I found myself drawn to the process even as an abstract painter. For me, portraiture is a healing modality. So much of a portrait is the power of being witnessed. 


What to Expect?


I begin by placing my hands on your feet, intuiting and sensing your energy. If it is a virtual session, we will be on the phone and I begin with a prayer and use Usui Reiki to connect for distance energy work. 

From there, I begin painting what comes through, I choose colors and brush strokes based on the quality of the energy I sense in your body. As the process unfolds, layers of paint and transformation occur both on the canvas and in your body. I will continue to place my hands on your body, perhaps holding your head or touching your heart, to receive guidance on what to paint next. I check in with you verbally and ask that you share whatever comes up for you. It is a very safe and gentle process, but at times it can increase in intensity.

One very important thing to know ahead of time is that you will lay with your eyes closed and will not see the painting until the end. Many people are moved to tears by the power of hearing the strokes and sounds of my hands quickly working on the canvas. 


You are invited to move or dance or sing if you wish, but I ask that you divert your gaze away from the painting while it is in process.


Wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting paint on!

Check out the gallery of prior energy healing paintings here.

Price: $190 

Original Painting 18" x 24": $450

Archival Ink Print 18" x 24": $120


If you do not purchase your own painting, I will sell it at the value of $750.

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