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Payment Model

My clients determine their own fee for their sessions. In essence, I am saying, collectively to my clients, I believe you are good, responsible and trustworthy to support me. I live lightly in order to make this as easy as possible. I do not feel a need to mandate a fee or deny the service. I do long for the day when access to healing is not limited by a human's purchasing power nor a cure's profitability. Thank you for your participation to demonstrate our fullest potential. 


As this is an unorthodox practice, I offer this guidance.


First, consider what another bodyworker would charge you, if you consider it a fair and attainable price, let that be your fee. Practitioners with doctoral degrees, as I have, and over a decade of experience and CST training are $150/hr. in Durham.


Second, you could choose the sustainable rate of payment for me to afford my expenses and meet my needs, which at this time is $120/hr.


Third, you could contribute an amount equal to your gross hourly wage. I find that those who can be generous naturally balance those who are not able to pay these rates, please trust that if you pay less, you are taken care of and supported by me and your neighbors graciously.


Lastly, be diligent to attend your sessions as scheduled or, if you see a need to reschedule, do so as early as possible. As time goes along, please let me know your feelings and experience of this model as I continue to grow and learn also.


Payment in the form of cash or check is collected into a birdhouse in my office, just slide your offering in before you go.


Venmo : @Caitlin-Schmitt-AI  


Background Story to this Payment Model

In 2018 I began working in a new office space alongside Rob Womack, a counselor and chaplain who developed and implemented this payment model. I was practicing as a physical therapist at the time, longing for an equitable and accessible model of care. Even my clients with health insurance often faced financial limits and barriers to receiving all of the care they needed. Not to mention that most adjunct or wellness based services were not covered at all. I cared in particular about massage therapy and reiki, as I was a practitioner of both, but was limited by my license and duties to insurance companies to provide evidence based  medicine that was not as nuanced or intuitive.

When I decided to leave the profession of PT and start my own business, I adopted his model in order to feel in alignment with my values and to practice with integrity. What I provide, a safe and healing space for all, is actually priceless and every human has a right to access this kind of care. So, I deny no one this care. I have learned a lot about myself and my relationship with money. I haven't always felt at ease, and in fact at times it is anxiety provoking to be making less than what you could. But I needed to check my privilege, own what it truly means for me to live sustainably, and keep to my promise that no one should be denied care for lack of funds.

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