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Intuitive Healing Artist

Whether you're commissioning a special piece of art or working with me closely as a reiki or bodywork client, my intention is to support your healing and evolution in a sacred container. I practice craniosacral therapy, distance healing, and portraiture in Durham, North Carolina and virtually.


Intuitive Bodywork

Therapeutic massage blended with gentle craniosacral and energy healing.

Healing Portrait

Honor your healing journey with this extraordinary creative process.

Cait Schmitt-80.jpg

Distance Healiing

Experience the magic and peace of energy healing at any distance. 

Cait Schmitt-34.jpg

Bridge Portraits

Connect and heal with your lost loved one through the healing power of intuitive art.


Art Lesson

Unleash your creative spirit and learn how to paint intuitively!

No matter what I am doing, it is in the spirit of an attentive and reverent artist. At the root of all my work is an improvisational dance between the spiritual and physical realms. As a highly intuitive healer, I work in mysterious ways, but as a highly trained and skilled practitioner, I root myself into the very practical and mundane truth of what it means to be living in a human body.

Hence the name...

Anatomy & Intuition


With almost 20 years of experience as a bodyworker and physical therapist, my hands know how to support and sense the body deeply. When I began painting in 2019, my hands worked with paint and texture in much the same way--intuitively and with the intention to heal.


I'm so glad you found me,  I love working with humans as both a painter and a massage therapist!

Healing Portrait
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