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  • How do commissions work?
    A commission always begins with a conversation, we dicuss your needs and desires. Your intentions may matter deeply to you and I' love to learn all about why you are commissioning this work of art. In general, there are three types of commissions I do: 1. Healing Paintings: These begin with an intuitive creative session together. I engage with your spirit and energy deeply to attune to the we develop a healing framework through which I approach the commission to support, process, and capture visually your healing journey. As I paint, I connect to you with distance reiki and engage with intuitive healing guides. 2. Specific Feeling Painting: You give me an emotion you want to evoke or connect to through the work and I express and paint with that! Size is up to you of course. 3. Simple Constraints Painting: If you know the size you want or perhaps the colors you like and that's all you care about, great! Just tell me what you need and where the painting will be and I'll create something that suits those needs. I'll need to see the room it is meant to be in before beginning and also hear from you what you love in art.
  • Can we collaborate?
    Hell yes! I'm open to painting together or doing a live event together or just talking about creativity in general! I love to collaborate, just fill out the contact form.
  • I can't afford your work, is there any way I can negotiate the price on the piece I love?"
    Yes! For a good and loving home, I'm more than happy to discuss a sliding scale or payment plan with you.
  • I heard you do energy work and massage, can I schedule an appointment with you?"
    You bet. Simply send me a message to book an appointment.
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