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Bridge Portraits
Connecting You to Your Lost Loved One

In the wake of loss, there is a longing and deep ache for connection to our loved one. These portraits offer a spiritual balm to these wounds of grief. They are a bridge between worlds, a visual and energetic reminder of the love you share with someone who is no longer in the physical realm.

Bridge portraits are offered in the context of a healing, creative process that is quite involved. I hold a safe and sacred container for the duration of the commission for both you and your loved one.


 I approach the deceased much like any client. I take some time getting to know them, both through the loved one and energetically. I respect their privacy. I listen to them. During the process I work with various energy healing providers that bring support and guidance for everyone involved. They also work with your loved one, to bring peace and resolution as needed. Once this work is complete, I am able to connect the living with their loved one more fully for the final bridge portrait. 

It is possible that I will paint the soul on the other side alone, or that I may paint them in many forms prior to the final portrait. Often they wish to be painted with the loved one who commissioned the piece for the bridge portrait, but not always. It's all a mystery, so if you'd like to enter this sacred container with me, just know that we will be co-creating something beautiful as it unfolds.

Curious To Learn More?

Schedule a 30-minute free discovery conversation with me to explore what your bridge portrait might entail.


The complexity of grief after losing a loved on to suicide is incredibly challenging and unique. Portraits can bring so much healing and resolution to a troubled soul in need of some support once they have transitioned in this way. For whatever reason, perhaps because of my mental health struggles, I feel called to serve this particular population. In fact, I have the most experience with Bridge Portraits painting souls who have taken their own lives. 


This bond is incredibly special and sacred. Working with bereaved siblings is a particular honor for me, perhaps because I have very close relationships with my siblings. These portraits will celebrate your bond and act as a reminder of the joy and love you share. 

Still Births

I am drawn to serving those who were so close to life but who did not have the opportunity to fully arrive. Being at the spiritual bridge into the physical realm when they passed makes these portraits particularly special and sacred. I am honored to work with parents who have experienced unimaginable grief of this kind, helping them to connect and see the energy of the being they created and carried.


Our pets are such a sweet and loving presence in our homes. The support and love we feel with an animal is incredibily unique, and I love working with their energy. They're always eager to love and please, even on the other side. 


I love the intention with which a partnership is built, the way two souls find one another and do the work of building a life, a home, a connection. Energetically, the way we connect to a partner is deep. It is this unique depth that draws me to painting these portraits, to feel the living person's energy and the way it weaves and intertwines with someone on the other side. These portraits are a celebration of this unique bond and connection you share, even across worlds.


Working with a parent who has lost a child is a particular honor. The depth of this loss and the quality of the bond is beautiful to work with, and very strong across the veil. 


The price range for these portraits is variable. I want to be as transparent as possible yet also allow space for all the time you and your loved one may need to heal.  You're hiring me as a healing artist, not just as an artist, and much of my skill and energy in this process is in holding a spiritual container.

Typically, a few paintings are created prior to the final portrait, whether you'd like to purchase these or not is up to you, but as a healer I insist on creating them in order for the process to have integrity. These act as healing sessions, often providing witness to the person on the other side. Ultimately, I do whatever spirit guides me to do while creating a bridge portrait and I serve with a humble heart.

My hourly rate as a healer: $150

Range of Hours Likely: 8-25

Range of Cost for my Time: $1200-$3750

Materials: $350-800

Additional Energy Healing Provider and Consult Fees: $200-700

Based on these estimates, the likely total range is: $1,750-$5,250


Please Note: I only allow for a single bridge portrait to be in process at a time due to the nature of the energy they require.  The way I schedule these is simply to have a running waitlist and I work my way down, so please understand the timeline cannot be predetermined.

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