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How much does it cost to work with Caitlin?

Working with Caitlin a magical and sacred experience. Whether you're receiving distance reiki, commissioning a painting, or learning to paint for the first time, she will hold a very safe and sacred container to support you. With tenderness and levity, every part of you will be witnessed and met with compassion.


Caitlin's wish is that her clients feel held in their wholeness and fully seen in their imperfections.

Holding a container of this nature and providing a highly attuned and skilled presence requires that Caitlin take impeccable care of her mental and physical wellbeing. It also takes a lot of energy to work at this depth. She must practice healthy boundaries to ensure she is fully present to each client. Her rates reflect this.

Service Rates

Soul Portrait/Energy Portrait


60 minutes

$450 additional for painting

Experience a deeply healing creative process with Caitlin in her art studio. Hands on energy healing is combines with intuitive painting, both modalities support the processing, releasing, and healing of your body, mind, and spirit. 

Art Lessons

$120-$250 sliding scale

120 minutes

Learn the healing and playful practice of intuitive, abstract painting. Caitlin will weave a unique creative experience based on your goals and needs for the session. 

Distance Reiki

$120-$175 sliding scale

60 minutes

Distance energy healing sessions are incredibly potent and powerful. Expect a highly intuitive, deeply resonant energetic process to unfold as Caitlin tunes in to your energy body and follows the patterns, restrictions, and depletions that may be limiting your ability to fully embody and connect with your soul.

Intuitive Creative Coaching 


45 minutes

This is specifically for creatives working through projects or blocks that are challenging and they need spiritual support. Caitlin will connect with your body, your spirit guides, and the creative consciousness to translate specific guidance and wisdom regarding your current creative needs.

Bridge Portraits


Price varies per project and size

Commission Caitlin to connect to a loved one's energy who has passed to the other side. She will bring healing and connection throughout the process to both you and the loved one.



60 minutes

Hands-on intuitive energy healing sessions that incorporate a variety of modalities. Depending on your body's needs, craniosacral therapy, dialogue, visualization, essential oils, and therapeutic touch will flow together to calm your nervous system and support your highest good.

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Get in Touch

Text: 510-907-0999


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