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The commission process is unique to each individual. We discuss your needs and the importance of the piece together to come up with what suits you best. Essentially, commissions work in one of two ways:



For traditional commissions you provide me with the:

-size of the canvas

-desired color palette

-design information of the room it will be in

-any emotion or feeling you'd like for it to capture




For Healing Process Commissions, I paint with energy healing modalities and work with your specific energy throughout the process. We will:

-Begin with a 60 minute intuitive session together

-Develop a color palette, textures, and symbols that resonate for you to be used in the process

-I will connect with you with distance Reiki during the process

-You get to participate if you'd like

-I will share photos with you of each layer, we come to the decision when the painting  is complete together.

Pricing is determined based on the size of the canvas and hours spent painting. Here are some estimates to give you an idea:

18" x 24": $550-850

20" x 20" $550-850

30" x 30" $700-1K

36" x 36" $1,200-3,000

48" x 36" $2,500-5,000

The best way to familiarize yourself with my commission process is to peruse my gallery. If you click on each painting you will see details about the process and price.

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