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COVID-19 Risk Reduction Protocol

-I am fully vaccinated (had my booster on Nov 5 2021)


-All sheets and blankets will be one-time use and washed with hot water and bleach.

-You will be provided with your own hand-towel for use when you wash your hands.

-I will wash my hands and all bottles with soap and water pre and post session.

-We agree that if either of us has any hint of symptoms, we cancel and reschedule the session for 2 weeks later pending our symptoms.

-I will have the air circulating through the central system and I have a HEPA filter (reduces droplets and viral content in the air!) running during your session. If weather allows, I leave the windows open.


-We both agree that if any knowledge of an exposure occurs prior to our session, we will inform the other party.

-I am happy to wear an N95 upon request for you.

I will not ask you for your vaccination status.


Ultimately, your comfort and safety are my priority. 


NOTE: If you have had COVID and are within 90 days of your last symptoms, you can take a break from wearing your mask!


Please email me if you have any questions or wish to share any concerns regarding this protocol prior to your session.

Back Massage

I am grateful for the trust and openness of my clients. It is an honor to serve my community as a hands-on, therapeutic touch provider. Especially after a time in history where touch and contact were so limited, I have come to appreciate that touch is a vital human need.


These are complicated times and it has been challenging to navigate what is right, what is healthy, and what is safe for us all. I appreciate and respect everyone's choices around their personal health in my practice. I also appreciate and respect that I am a healthcare provider with close contact with at risk, vulnerable populations for whom I need to be especially careful for. 


With that in mind, please know that I have a few clients who are unable to safely receive a vaccine due to auto-immune conditions. If you have a high risk of exposure or have any symptoms please consider their health first before coming in to in person sessions. As always, we can work remotely and do a distance reiki session in lieu of in person work.

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