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Painting Lessons

As a teacher, I want to be sure that it's clear to you I am a support and a guide, holding space for you to unfold at your own pace and in your own beautiful way. A good teacher is actually a mentor who honors the innate impulse and creative spirit that you were born with. This is what I aim to do with you.


I think what people respond to most is my joy and the fact that I am playful, free, and mindful in my process. I have no formal training. I'm not an art therapist. I do not pretend to be an expert. I have simply healed and processed my own emotions on the canvas. Painting keeps my mental health above water and it feeds my heart tremendously. I literally don't care what it looks like (although it's exciting when it turns out well)! 


My hope is that you, too, can develop your own techniques and ways of processing through paint. Intuitive and abstract painting are completely subjective and personal. I mentor my students so that they may honor their own organic painting process with kindness and delight.

Note: I have had profound guidance that set me up for a strong and free art practice from my Aunt Joycie and Jahde Justad. I have taken the principles and techniques from these two teachers to build my own set of skills and process.

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