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Distance Reiki

Upon becoming a Reiki Master in 2021, I became increasingly attuned to the energetic pathways and underlying patterns in the body that can manifest the many physical and emotional experiences we have.


With over a decade of practicing as a bodyworker and detailed training in neuroscience and physiology in my background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, this new awareness shifted the way I approach healing and the body very significantly, yet it also confirmed what I always sensed to be true: energetic and emotional patterns manifest in very physical ways. Energy work is a powerful way to support healing on a deep level. It's so powerful, in fact, that I left the profession of PT to pursue my passion for energy healing.


I have organically developed my own intuitive way of doing distance Reiki. I stay anchored in the anatomy, neuroscience, and structure of the physical realm, but also work with the more ethereal and subtle energetic realm through healing presence, movement, and voice from afar. It is my honor to do this work and be trusted by my clients.

Distance reiki practitioner doing an energy healing session.

Your Session and How to Make the Most of It:

-Sessions range from 40-60 minutes, I listen to your body and energy to determine the length so I'm never certain of how long it will be ahead of time.

-I will call you and have you on speakerphone, these sessions are collaborative in nature and your feedback and insight guides the session. If you prefer to be on facetime, just let me know and I'd be happy to have you set up in a way that we can see each other during the session.

-I like to have my clients light a candle and listen to music, however this isn't necessary and I encourage you to play anything that may help you be calm and relax. Here is an example of Reiki music you may use: Reiki Music

-Create a space that is calm and clear of distraction or clutter. I use my yoga mat. If you have a seat or place to lay down in your home that is particularly meditative or restful, go there.

-Have water, a blanket, or any other pillows or support on hand to be sure you can get comfy and meet your needs.

-Stay in your body and be present with yourself for this time. I promise to tune in and be present with your body during this time as well.

-You have set this time aside and I am supporting you, treat this as sacred, protected time to tune in and connect with yourself. I approach this time as sacred.

-You are welcome to move, stretch, meditate, do yoga or whatever feels most supportive to your body.

What Clients Say

My heart is a million times lighter, but what is even more incredible is that she removed some energetic blockages that were wildly tied to my back pain. With not a bit of exaggeration...talkin’ pain scale of 1-10, I went from a pre-session pain level of 9.5, to a post-session pain level of maybe 1.5!! This is straight up one of the wildest things I have ever experienced in my whole life! She is not only an incredible healer, she is also an amazingly lovely human being. -- L.W.
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